Prepare your Plant for Winter with eltherms Heat Tracing Solution

Do you have trouble with:

  • Blocked process pipes
  • Valve and pump seizures
  • Maintaining heat
  • Freezing
  • Viscosity?

eltherm South Africa offers world class knowledge of electrical heat tracing (EHT). Together with our team of engineers, we offer turnkey solutions to ensure that you are running at optimum capacity through the winter months.

EHT lowers the viscosity of many processes as it acts as a compensating heat source to maintain or raise the heat in pipes, tanks, surfaces and other vessels.  It effectively replaces the heat loss in the process and can therefore be used to prevent pipes from gelling or freezing, whilst maintaining the low viscosity of the process on plant equipment.

Contact our experts for a free assessment of your production process, and find out how to prevent downtime in winter.